Efficient Data Management

ERM's innovative data management systems are cutting edge proof of the companyís in-depth knowledge of roadside technicalities. Highly defined electronic processing of key customer data dramatically increases accuracy, availability, and dissemination of critical program details.


Our Web Integration Network System (WINS) is a copy written website application that offers immediate data input with sophisticated verification and claims processing. WINSí primary concentration is in the functional areas of:

  • Data Submissions

  • Claims Handling

  • Program Reporting 

All WINS data can be timely transmitted electronically within a protected environment. The information that every client truly needs to monitor a roadside program is available with ERM!  


Now you can expect all customer records to be properly reported, service claims to be electronically downloadable and customized client reports to validate program effectiveness and profitability.   


Thanks to this type of technology, ERM allows you to concentrate on new business opportunities and better serve your best customers. Most importantly, it raises the service performance bar and improves customer satisfaction.


ERMís state-of-the-art data management systems increases information accuracy and standardization, while creating new business opportunities!  


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