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Service Performance Excellence


At the heart of the ERM organization is an unparalleled commitment to customer service. Clearly the bottom line is.... the promptness and quality of service your customer receives in an emergency situation!   


An extensive US/Canadian based network of over 7,500 independent service providers assures the best nationwide coverage for your customers with timely, professional response 24 hours a day, everyday of the year! This roadside network has been recognized for its on-time performance and exemplary customer handling.   


Maintaining multiple network dispatch centers, thousands of calls are routinely handled each month. With this dispatch experience, the ERM team confidently offers the services your customers need most:

  • Towing - service to the selling  dealer or designated repair facility

  • Jump Starts - service to start a weak or dead battery

  • Fluid Delivery - emergency service with vehicle fluids (gas, oil or coolant)

  • Tire Changes - service to change a flat with customer’s inflated spare

  • Lockout Assistance - service to gain entry into the customer’s vehicle

  • Concierge Service - courtesy assistance and emergency phone call support

Through the use of three state-of-the-art call centers, a fully operational disaster/data recovery system is in place to ensure service performance levels. With both North American and Canadian dispatch operations, multiple call centers proficiently facilitate ERM's “100% customer service” standard, which ensures that your customers always receive the service they expect.


"... A Roadside network excelling in on-time performance and customer handling" 


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