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Customized Roadside Solutions


The hallmark of ERM’s business strategy is its customized approach to roadside program development. We truly believe in “win/win” situations and are extremely active in creating

 tailor-made products, methods, and services for client use.


Specific program functionality and marketing appearance are key elements in customizing roadside services. ERM integrates the following into all programs:

  • Dedicated Dispatchers -

              trained personnel handle your customers

  • 100% Customer Service -

              "supervisor” management and oversight of all customer calls

  • Guaranteed Invoicing -

              all billing is based on verified data or it is not billed

  • Vanity Phone Number Service -

              available upon client request

  • Personalized Client Greetings -

               recorded corporate sensitive marketing salutations

  • Marketing Material Concept and Design -

              promotional copy assistance

ERM considers each client as a corporate partner with your success being our success! Our capacity to introduce ancillary products or services into program design Includes:

  • Road Hazard Coverage -- tire & wheel replacement reimbursement

  • Trip Interruption                -- lodging & meal expense allowance

  • Rental Car Coverage     -- limited rental car reimbursement

  • Win-Guard Protection   - - windshield chip repair reimbursement

  • Customer Re-contact     - - follow-up program re-solicitation

In the final analysis, it’s always a question of what really works. ERM is dedicated to your success; therefore, if it makes sense, we can put together a roadside program that surpasses your expectations.


"ERM’s customized products, methods, and services 

meet the specific needs of both client and customer."

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